Who we are


The Chapel of the Resurrection is a Catholic church with an ecumenical orientation in the heart of Brussels’ European quarter. The pastoral responsibility is held by the Society of Jesus.

The Chapel is open to all those who work, live or simply pass through the ’European Quarter’ of Brussels, marked by the presence of the principal European Union institutions. Born as a Catholic initiative, the Chapel offers hospitality in an ecumenical spirit, with a view to challenge divisiveness. It symbolises, therefore the potential unity among different peoples and mentalities, so illustrating a creative reconciliation rooted in the Resurrection of Christ. As a place of communion, prayer and silence, the Chapel is also a room of exchange, dialogue and sharing for all those involved in European integration.

The Chapel is animated by various teams, colaboratively. By its location, its ecumenical vocation and this spirit of sharing, the Chapel of the Resurrection is a modest sign of Christ’s presence embodied in our history. It is "a home for everyone" seeking and representing a community: it is a Chapel for Europe.


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May the road rise up
to meet you
may the wind be
always at your back