From its beginnings the Chapel of the Resurrection has focused on ecumenism. It wishes to be be a sign of unity between Christians. Following this vocation, the Chapel also opens it door to non-Catholic churches in order that they may worship in their respective communities.

The ’Conseil d’administration’ is supported by the ’Conseil œcuménique’, the latter established specifically to safeguard the ecumenical vocation. Far more visible are the ecumenical prayers in daily life, organised by the pastoral team, which is itself also ecumenical:

  • Every Thursday representatives of two different denominations lead the half-hour ecumenical service;
  • On the last Friday of the month, the Orthodox churches invite to a midday prayer.

Thus the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Chapel in October 2011 began with an ecumenical prayer: representatives of the Orthodox, Protestant and the Catholic churches led the prayer. We attach particular significance to the ecumenical commemoration for the dead from the ranks of those who work in the European institutions: here all are invited without exception, whether they belong to a church or not.

In this way we try not only to offer hospitality but, wherever possible, to create unity. We do this according to the prayer of Jesus before his Passion and Resurrection: ’That all may be one’. (Jn 17, 21)


May the road rise up
to meet you
may the wind be
always at your back