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As now the sun shines down at noon,
Your light, O Lord, burns in our hearts;
Assist us to endure that light,
And through your judgment find your grace.

Schon schreitet rasch der Tag voran,
wir schauen auf zu Gott dem Herrn!

The sun, at its zenith, divides the day: it is the time of the short shadows, of warmer temperatures and of full light. The sun changes its course from the ascent to decline. On this threshold, the morning’s bustling activities give way to a moment for taking a deep breath, a moment of silence and of contemplation.

At the same time in many European countries midday was considered a phase of crisis: With its the typical windless calm and the warmth of the sun, lunch time ambivalently holds both the risk of excessive heat and the tendency to slowness. Midday is not only a moment of transition, but according to ancient symbolism also a turning point and a mirror of eternity.

Monday, 1.15 p.m. Louange de midi – Texts and music. This liturgical service brings together the sounds of different instruments and spiritual reading. We pause, we rest and look gratefully to God, “whose splendour shines in morning light, whose glory burns in midday fire.” Music has always been considered a mediator between man and God: The sounds of music, therefore, will lead us to bridge the times of the day.



This series of services is suspended.

May the road rise up
to meet you
may the wind be
always at your back